Can I book tickets for other means of transportation with Amring?

No, Amring offers only passenger and parcel transportation services by bus or minibus.

What is the limit of luggage that can be transported for free?

We provide free transportation of luggage up to 50 kg per passenger. We charge a price rate for baggage exceeding this weight.

What are the international destinations for which I can purchase bus tickets?

Currently, we provide passenger transport services on routes to Spain, Germany and England, with stops in Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, France and the Czech Republic.

How many stars have Amring buses?

All our buses are rated with 3 or 4 stars.

What facilities provide Amring buses?

Our buses are equipped with air conditioning and televisions, to ensure passengers’ comfort.

Can I buy round trip tickets?

Yes, you can buy round trip tickets to any destination available on our routes.

Do you have agencies only in Romania or also abroad?

We have agencies in Romania, but also abroad, in Spain, where you can make reservations for our routes.

Do you offer domestic transportation?

Yes, Amring also performs domestic passenger transportation.

Are there any direct routes to Spain?

Yes, when traveling to Spain, we offer a choice between three different routes, one of which is direct without stopping in transit countries.

Which are the destinations for the parcel post service?

The destinations for the parcel post service are the same as in the case of passenger transportation destnations.

What other services does Amring offer?

Besides passenger and parcel transportation, we offer the possibility to rent buses and minibuses.

Is transportation of pets allowed with Amring buses?

We do not allow the transportation of pets on board of Amring buses or in the luggage space.