General Transportation Conditions

Passengers have taken cognizance of the General Transportaion Conditions displayed at the agency or authorized agents and on the internet (, and can be obtained free of charge at the request of the passenger.

By placing an order, you agree with the transmission of all documents attesting the acquisition of the bus ticket / tickets exclusively to the e-mail address you entered.

It is your responsibility that this e-mail address is correct and working. Please check for the receipt including in spam folders, junk, bulk etc. To ensure you receive the message in your inbox, please add us in Address Book.

If you request to receive travel documents in written form, you have to send a request in writing at the company S.C. AMRING S.R.L., located in Sibiu and come in person to pick up the travel documents.

A ticket is nominal, it can not be transferred to another person and must be presented at the request of authorities or empowered company personnel for verification. The ticket is proof of concluding the contract of transportation between the firm and the passenger whose name is inscribed on the ticket, whose identity must be shown upon request. Agency issued tickets without stamp are not valid, excepting tickets purchased on the Internet. If tickets are lost, destroyed or stolen are nor replaced, no duplicate shall be issued and the passenger can not be reimbursed in such cases. Passengers must check if the ticket has the appropriate number of coupons when buying or when it’s returned by authorized Amring staff, after verification.

Passengers must present tickets to the Amring staff. It is mandatory to have a ticket; otherwise we reserve the right not to embark a person. Some special rates have conditions that may restrict or prohibit the modification of booking and may limit the amount of refund in case of cancellation or default of trip. Changing the date of journey and return of unused tickets or partially used is made according to the conditions of the “Rules on Cancellation, Rescheduling and Refunding for Bus Tickets”, which is part of the contract between Amring and passenger and displayed on the website and at the Amring agency.

Reservation for the return segment for roundtrip tickets is mandatory and must be made at least 7 days before the return trip, even for roundtrip tickets with a fixed date of return. Amring does not guarantee the existence of available seats at the date desired by the passenger and will not be liable for damages suffered by passengers as a result of the inability to make the journey at the desired date. The firm and its agencies reserve the right to sell unconfirmed seats.

Return requests, claims and (or) complaints on making the trip (except for lost luggage) shall be submitted in writing at the Amring agency in the country where the ticket was bought in a maximum period of one month from the date of the last departure on the ticket, for one-way tickets and tickets with a fixed return date, and a maximum of 7 months for OPEN roundtrip tickets. Passengers must not include in their luggage the following items: objects whose transportation is forbidden by laws or regulations in force in any State of departure or destination, items that in the opinion of the Firm are unsuitable for carriage due to their weight, size, nature or package, live animals. Amring assumes no liability for hand luggage transportation. It rests entirely with the passenger, unless the damage is the fault of the firm and can be proven by the passenger. is not responsible in case of loss or damage of goods and valuables such as (money, jewelry, art objects, cameras, video, computers etc), that are in the hand luggage of passengers. Passengers are required to submit any claim for loss (theft) or damage to baggage immediately after arrival to the crew and confirm it in writing within 48 hours of arrival.

Any subsequent complaint will not be taken into consideration. The Firm reserves the right to modify at any time fares or schedules with prior notification to passengers.The Firm will endeavor to transport the passenger and his luggage in a reasonable time. The hours indicated on the ticket, in timetables and elsewhere are not guaranteed and form no part of the contract of transportation. The Firm may substitute alternate transporters or use other buses than as required, without notice. Schedules are subject to change without notice. The Firm is not liable for errors or omissions in timetables and other publications containing schedules.

The Firm assumes no liability for connecting routes. Amring assumes no liability for delays in routes and (or) losses suffered by passengers as a result of these delays. The arrival waiting time depends on the borders and on the road. Passengers are obliged to comply with transit countries, on the entry documents (or exit), customs regulations, financial or administrative, regarding the person or their luggage. The Firm shall not be liable for additional costs due to lack of such documents. The Firm and its agents does not assume any responsibility if a passenger fails to comply with the General Transportation Conditions.

The firm ensures passengers for all bodily injuries resulting from the vehicle and from their presence in the vehicle. Insurance does not cover bodily injury or luggage damaged, generated by fault of the passenger. Ticket purchase has legal value. By accepting this ticket, its holder has adhered to the contractual conditions contained in the “General Transportation Conditions”.