About us

Who We Are?

The AMRING story began with the dream of a family with a passion for transport, who decided to lay the foundation of this firm in 2002. Like any successful business, the principle on which we base our activity is to provide customer satisfaction. As the great thinker Socrates said, “The way to gain a good reputation is to strive on being what you want to appear to be.” Thus, from a company with 3 employees, after more than a decade of hard work, we now have 15 employees, an extensive network of collaborators throughout the country, partners and loyal customers.

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Our Values

From the beginning, AMRING has been operating on values that we use to this day: respect, integrity, reliability, enthusiasm and efficiency. We attracted talented people who have integrated in our team and we always listened to our customers’ demands, striving to exceed their expectations.

Our Goals

In the future, we want to expand our services and continue to respect the principles on which we have built the AMRING firm. To maintain the quality of services, we aim to develop and expand the existing vehicle fleet and to expand the routes and destinations for passenger transportation.


Today, AMRING owns a fleet of buses and minibuses rated with 3 and 4 stars, with a capacity between 8 and 56 seats. We also managed to gain a reputation in the market as the most rapid and reliable passenger transportation line for the Romania – Spain route.

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